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Terms and Conditions

This website is owned and operated by Arcindo Guimaraes and Silvia Costa / Vozon.lda, professional voice over talents based and registered in Portugal with studios at Rua Eça de Queirós, 18, Vale S. Martinho, mentioned below as "The Provider". The Provider will make the recording studio, voice talents and/or its third party services available to the Client for the entire duration of the project. The Provider will do its best to complete the Client's project on time and to a standard which is acceptable to the Client. However The Provider will not accept any liability and will not be liable for any damages and additional costs incurred by the Client, should the project run over the scheduled time. The total upfront payment or a deposit of 50% of the total cost could be required in order to reserve studio/talent time and confirm a booking. This deposit is non-refundable unless the Client provides with at least 14 days notice before the booking is due to take place. If no deposit has been received by The Provider regarding a studio/talent booking, that booking may be changed or cancelled if management so decide, without notice to the client. Upon completion of a project, the Client shall pay the total fees including materials, minus the deposit already paid. If the Client fails to make a payment, The Provider will withhold the recordings until payment has been made in full. Late payments may be subject to additional charges.


The provider will exercise to the best of its ability and know-how to complete the project within the set deadline. By contracting the provider, the client acknowledges the provider possesses all the professional abilities in terms of audio post-production. It acknowledges that the provider possesses teams of highly qualified professionals, recognized within the audio-visual sector, especially in terms of narration, sound and voice-over; and that by hiring the provider’s services it is undoubtedly delegating all artistic and creative aspects within the mentioned segment in order to perform each audio-visual project. However, the client is free to present a written briefing with guidelines, including suggestions on how the client would like the work to be carried out insofar as, for example, choosing the voice of the narrator/actor or actress, by sending one or more videos and/or other reference material. It is the provider’s responsibility – while acting as artist director – to take the said briefing into consideration according to its profession’s best practices. However, the client must decide on any adjustments it may find suitable, considering the best final result, for ethical reasons, or any other reason the client may find relevant while executing the project. The provider will not assume any responsibility should the client take on any additional costs in the event of the project being prolonged beyond its foreseen deadline. The provider may demand a deposit of 50 to 100% of the total costs, in order to secure the services necessary to complete the project. This deposit is not refundable, except in the event of the client cancelling services up to 14 days prior to the recording, or if one of the professionals required to execute the project – narrator, actor, sound technician or recording director – falls ill or has unpostponable issues to address. In the event that the provider does not receive the deposit, the provider has the right to cancel the recording without previous notice. After the completion of the project, the client must pay the total sum, including fees, minus the deposit already paid. Should the client miss the payment, the provider has the right to retain recordings until the payment is made in full. The client may not use the recordings before making the full payment. Usage rights the client acknowledges that the cost of each production made by the provider is always dependent on the team chosen by the client, but also on how the produced audio archives will be used. In that sense, it is the client’s responsibility to inform the provider if a certain audio archive will be used as, for example: on tv (regional, national, cable, etc.), internet (the client’s website, video storage and broadcasting portals, social networks, etc.), telephone, cd, dvd, internal or online courses, internal videos, cinema, exhibition in fairs and other events, etc. The client must also inform the provider on how the audio archives produced by the provider will be used and acknowledges that, in the case of broadcast campaigns (radio or tv), it is fundamental that the terms of usage of the produced phonogram are well established. As a general rule, phonograms used in broadcast campaigns (radio or tv) can be used for a maximum of 12 months and 15 days, from the date of the invoice or receipt issued by the provider. After that period, should the client want to use the audio archives again, the client must request the provider for a new usage permit, specifying the new usage timetable and paying the respective usage rights. As for audio archives used on the internet, the provider grants usage rights for an undetermined amount of time, without requiring the renewal of the permit. However, the client acknowledges that this is a good will gesture, since there are special situations under which that renewal of rights may not be possible, namely, but not limited to, reasons pertaining with the exclusive contracting of the narrator/actor by another company of the same sector, resulting in an onerous situation; or in case of debt of the client to the provider. The audio archives cannot be used before they are fully paid. Should any unconformity occur, such as unauthorized usage, the client acknowledges the payment of the original invoice’s sum, multiplied by two, plus the respective interests at an annual rate of 6% (six percent), and is also susceptible to sanctions foreseen in legislation, namely law 50/2004, which applies directive 2001/29/ec of the european parliament and council in portugal. On the other hand, the client transfers to the provider, without any limitations, the rights of the provider to use the produced audiovisual material, including, but not only, the phonogram produced by the provider, in order to promote its own portfolio. If the client – by force majeure – wishes that audiovisual material not to be divulged in the provider’s portfolio, the client should report that intent in writing.

Return policies

The Provider does not operate money back or return policies under any circumstances. However, In the unlikely event that the Provider must cancel a booking, a full refund of any deposit paid or a rescheduled booking will be offered to the Client. The Client must provide with 14 days notice of the intention to cancel booked studio/talent time prior to such session. If the correct notice is not received by The Provider, the Client will be liable for the cost of 50% of the studio/talent time booked. Sessions cancelled on the same day of the scheduled session will be charged at their total cost. The Client will still be liable for the total costs if they fail to arrive for a session on time, or in the event that the Client must leave the session early.

Privacy Policy

Client's personal information will not be sold or past onto third parties. The Provider uses the information that client provide for such purposes as responding to its requests, customizing future orders, improving business, and communicating with the client. If the client have filled out any forms, the e-mail address and other contact information will be used to full fill the Client's request only.


The Provider will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, costs and expenses incurred by the Client due to the following:Incorrect storage, on or off the premises of The Provider, of equipment, audio and video recordings and digital data; Inappropriate use or abuse of Clients’ recordings; Copyright issues with Clients’ recordings and any related costs/expenses incurred by the Provider. The Provider reserves the right to revise rates and policies without providing written notice.