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European Portuguese Voice Over

Arcindo Guimaraes

Portuguese voice over talent

My name is Arcindo Guimaraes, I'm from Portugal and I'm in the voice over business since 1991. Currently I'm the main voice of Discovery Channel in Portugal and Angola. For AXN television (Sony Pictures Entertainment), I'm giving voice to the commercial promos of the television station. Frequently hired for medical narrations, my voice is also heard daily in commercials of National Television and Radio of Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and in dozens of Portuguese communities from all around the world. In the Portuguese market, I've a diversity of customers, like Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, BMW, Goodyear, Sony, HP and many others. I'm voice actor too and can offer a broad palette of styles, accents and character voices. At my professional sound studio, I've been producing daily voice over work for all over the world.

Arcindo Guimaraes is available for live recording sessions via Skype, Zoom, IPDTL, Sessionlinkpro or any other WebRTC platform

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Silvia Costa

Portuguese voice over talent

I'm Silvia Costa and I am an European Portuguese voice over talent since 1990. In the past I gave voice to several radio programs and nowadays I work in a wide range of areas such as documentaries, commercials, advertisements and telemarketing. I have a versatile voice that allows me to produce amusing and dynamic recordings for TV and Radio, as well as interpret older and more formal voices. In Portuguese market, I've a diversity of customers, like Microsoft, Ferrari, Philips, Disney Stores, Renault, Neveva GPS, Fruttis, H&S, Logitech and many others.

Silvia Costa is available for live recording sessions via Skype, Zoom, IPDTL, Sessionlinkpro or any other WebRTC platform

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Our audio and dubbing studio is based in Portugal.

It's built to professional standards and equipped with state-ofthe-art gear and technology:

  • 2 totally isolated and soundproofed recording booths
  • NEUMANN U87 microphone
  • AVALON 737 SP Preamp
  • MAC Pro audio workstation: Pro Tools 10; Digidesign Rack 003 + Command 8;
  • MAC Pro audio and video workstation: Final Cut Studio HD
  • PC Pro audio workstation: M-AUDIO 410; Adobe Audition 3
  • GENELEC active monitors
  • Cloud Server for unlimited digital audio storage / upload / download
  • Skype, Zoom, IPDTL, Sessionlinkpro or any others WebRTC platforms are available


    "On a recent job, we had a client in Angola, an ad agency in Cape Town and Arcindo behind the mic in Portugal. We ran the entire session via skype conference call. As always, Arcindo was amazing... the client and agency were knocked out! Great voice. Best quality mic and studio. A real positive attitude. Arcindo's a pro and a pleasure to work with."

    Steve Shore (Producer - France)

    My company needed a quick translation and voice over recorded for a last minute/end of year video. I found Arcindo by chance on Google and am very thankful for it. His services went above and beyond the original scope of the project, as he not only found the perfect voice for the job, but found quick and accurate translation from English to Portuguese all in 1 day. I highly recommend his work and look forward to using his services again in the near future.

    Mike C., Production Manager - USA

    Arcindo and Silvia: You are both terrific. The voices worked perfectly. Love your voices. You are both true professionals.

    Robert A.G., US Producer

    "We thank you for your kind contribution to our work. The voice recordings that you provided are not only in a wonderful voice but also transmit the professionalism and care we want to transmit in our informative messages and statements. Thank you for your very valuable contribution!"

    Lars Elendbeck (Worldwide Disaster Aid)

    “Many thanks for the recordings. They sound great... it sounds like the finest music in my ears! It would be great to have other opportunities to be working together in the near future!”

    Jan W. (Voice Over & Producer)

    “Wow, Arcindo…they sound really good….you did a great job!!! Thanks a lot. We've finished all our work on this project, I wanted to thank you very much for your participation and you efforts, I am very happy with your way to work and with the results. Thanks a lot."

    Peter W. (Producer)

    “Hi Arcindo! Thank you very much for your delivery and help. All these 50 files have been received safely. They look very, very well!!! Thanks again for your efforts on this project. If there is some new voiceover work in Portuguese coming up, I will contact you immediately and hope you will be available then.”

    Lily W. (Projects Manager)

    “Hi Arcindo. Thanks for your patience in this difficult project. And thanks for the delivery and great quality of your work!”

    Martin W. (Producer)

    "Our engenieer checks now your recording and he says your sound is very good, your voice very good, your recording very good. 12 points!!!"

    J. Lopez(Producer)

    “Thank you for handling this job so well and for making this process so easy at the last minute. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you.”

    Nancy S. (Translation Company President)

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    European Portuguese language

    European Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe and Mozambique.

    It is also one of the official languages of East Timor (with Tetum) and the Chinese special administrative region of Macau (with Chinese).

    It is also spoken by immigrant communities, in Andorra, Australia,France, Luxembourg, Jersey, Paraguay, Namibia, South Africa, Switzerland, Venezuela, Japan and the U.S. states of California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey,New York and Rhode Island. In India, such as Goa and Daman and Diu,Portuguese is still spoken.

    There are also significant populations of Portuguese speakers in Canada (mainly concentrated in and around Toronto and Montreal), Bermuda and the Netherlands Antilles.

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